OK, so you may not be parking the minivan in this, but it looks amazing. Seattle and Amsterdam-based architectural firm graypants can feel free to design my house after seeing what they did with a rundown WWII-era garage.

Overlooking the Puget Sound in Washington, graypants kept as much of the original garage as possible while fusing modern elements. The reclaimed wood from the rundown garage was refurbished to give the new structure character.

The garage door? Gone and replaced with a sliding Corian speakeasy cabinet. Beds are hidden in the floor that can fold out, making the entire structure a residential cabin. Yeah, I think I would never leave just on the basis of the view alone. Just need Wifi.

graypants garage conversion

The panels that hide the beds in the floor fold up into seating areas and the entire garage is heated with a century-old wood-burning stove.

Here’s graypants on the project:

The garage aims to make design mysterious. Making mundane tasks of our lives into opportunities that create beauty through joyful interaction. Providing a canvas that allows imagination to make new old and old new. The new becoming a theatre to watch the old gradually fade away. This space wasn’t about ordinary… it was about touching on boundaries of what is ordinary.

Translation? The space is amazing, and who wouldn’t want it as a home away from home?

Graypants Garage

First up is a video shot in partnership with Shep Films.

Garage from Graypants on Vimeo.

Pictures are worth more than words here:

Puget Sound Views

puget sound graypants garage

exterior graypants garage

Sliding Door

graypants garage sliding door

Graypants Garage Exteriors

graypants garage exterior features

Graypants Garage Interior

interior graypants garage

graypants interior garage

All images were shot by Amos Morgan Photography.

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