Go ahead, admit it. You order furniture thinking ‘I got this’ only to be greeted with an 18-page manual and enough bolts, washers, Allen wrenches and screws to assemble a damn house. I thought I bought an end table ends with why do I have three bolts left?

Meet Greycork. The team of designers wants to upgrade your living room into something that doesn’t resemble your old dorm, and is easy to assemble. As in no tools easy. I wonder if people collect Allen wrenches. I think I have 50 lying about…

Of course when you combine Rhode Island School of Design graduates with a team steeped in manufacturing, it all turns stylish in a damn hurry.

For now, the company is tackling the living room. It’ll show up to your house in a flat-packed, 5-inch tick box. A sofa plus an optional chaise, side table, coffee table and a bookshelf.

Stylish. Cheaper. Zero tools. Four-minute assembly. They just brought your Pinterest board to life without the hassle.

greycork assembly

While you’re probably thinking this is great for the new apartment, what about when you decide it’s time to move? Typically you start posting on craigslist or one giant giveaway to friends and family.

Or, you go the Alabama route and have a bonfire. Don’t judge…

Greycork understands the needs of the 20-40-year old set. 82% want to move in the next year while 72% stay in their current home for one to three years. The furniture isn’t just designed to be easy to assemble; it’s designed to move with you.

Greycork Living Room

It all starts with the sofa. Sitting three, it borrows design themes from both Japanese and American furniture design. The people behind Greycork are inspired by furniture designers such as George Nakashima and Charles and Ray Eames.

The sofa is designed to fall onto after a hard day at the office, or if you need a Netflix marathon. The seat cushions offer both support and the plushness we all want in our living room.

The back frame and legs are made from solid Ash, the same wood that goes into a baseball bat. For the base frame, a medium-density fiberwood is used to toss the cushions on.

greycork living room

How much hardware are you using? Six thumb nuts and six washers. That’s it. No, you should not have extra ones lying around…

It weighs 75 pounds, so you’ll still need to bribe a friend to come over to help you slap it together.

Greycork Indiegogo

What about costs and delivery timeframes? In eight days, 189 people have topped the company’s funding goal of $50,000. It’s closing in on $80,000 with 33 days left on the campaign.

Crowdfunding pricing saves you 33% off retail and the featured tier is for the sofa at $450 including shipping. Delivery timeframes are set for December.

greycork sofa box

The side table is $75, coffee table at $125, $180 for the bookshelf and $300 for the chaise. Besides the chaise, which also delivers in December, the complete Greycork living room can be in your house this January.

If you want the full Greycork set, pledge $1,000, and it will be delivered in January.

Live Greycork

Located in Providence, RI, the company is opening up their loft on AirBnB. While the crowdfunding is for the living room set, the loft shows off where the company is heading. It’s not a live listing, but it’s coming soon for those looking to visit Providence.

For now, you can request an invite to the company’s grand opening in Spring 2016. From there, you will get to tour the company’s MA-based manufacturing plant.

It’s damn nice and for a price that won’t have you questioning your sanity when the bill comes due. And no Allen wrenches. What’s not to love?

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