Secret sauce? Yeah, go ahead and upsize that combo. If it’s a cheat day, may as well make it worth it.

The secret sauce today refers to a new Kickstarter campaign surrounding growth hacking – still taking an early lunch. Two well-known marketers are behind the latest craze that is taking my money. If you’re a fan of SXSW, you’ll recognize the name, Vincent Dignan. He’s the frontman in the video and the face of the campaign.

Austen Allred is the second part of the Secret Sauce team. It’s been about a year (maybe longer) since I stumbled across Austen’s post on Growthhackers.com on building an Instagram following through automation. His name on the product is worth it alone. If it’s anything approaching the Instagram growth hack, Secret Sauce will be a bestseller.

Ah, the bad word of social media and marketing. Automation. You’ll hear the word blackhat tossed around with reckless abandon, ignoring the fact we love automating damn near every other task in existence. Why not make life simpler for small teams?

Growth Hacking Secret Sauce

You’ve seen the posts and courses. I’ve seen the posts and courses. We’ve all bought them in expectation of a true behind the scenes look. Where the hell is the easy button? Promise the moon and all chronically under deliver.

Vincent and Austen growth hacking secret sauce

Secret Sauce is designed to break down each channel of marketing and take someone with zero marketing experience and help that person achieve their goals. Want to start an e-commerce business? Vincent and Austen will help. Want more emails leads? Done.

Turn a blog run by two brothers into a publishing powerhouse? Hey, let me dream while Alex and I work towards it.

The secret sauce to any course, book, blog post, etc. is work. The easy button? It doesn’t exist. Your dreams and passions will involve work. A lot of work. The idea behind automation is to make things less time intensive.

No matter what’s in the book from Vincent and Austen, it will still rely on you. What the book does is pull back the curtain on how successful sites, brands and businesses hit their respective targets and offer a way towards that.

It isn’t a magic plugin that makes you productive and riding around in the latest Ferrari (I’d buy a Land Rover). Trust me, if it was, they wouldn’t be selling it. I fully expect to continue working my ass off after watching the videos and reading the book.


The campaign for Secret Sauce went live this morning, and it is nearing the $10,000 funding goal. Pricing starts at $50 and jumps from there depending on the tier. The $87 package includes the following:

A digital copy of the seven-part growth hacking book

Entrance to the secret growth hackers’ club on Facebook

A voucher for the 20+ hour Udemy course walking you through the book, including screencasts so you can follow step-by-step how to perform many of the strategies we talk about in the book. The video course will be sold on Udemy, 3 courses for a total value of $150

1x ticket to a free webinar (including Q & A) with Vincent Dignan “Growth hack your content marketing strategy” value $99

1x free webinar (including Q & A) with Vincent Dignan “How to get rich and internet famous (Hacking sales and personal branding)” value $99

1x ticket to a free webinar (including Q & A) with Vincent Dignan “Growth Hacking live: Boost your startup in real-time” (updated version of the talk which was voted best at SXSW V2V 2015) – value $99

Entrance to private Q & A with authors Austen Allred and Vincent Dignan

Thank you page in the book

A special “What we learned from our Kickstarter campaign” Google Hangout (or some similar platform) with both authors, Vincent Dignan and Austen Allred – A Kickstarter exclusive “Kickstarter: Behind the Scenes/What we learned” mini eBook.

It also includes a host of discounts to various automation tools.

Want a look at a free chapter? Sign up on the landing page. Also, notice what they are using to drive referrals. Poke around the site and you can learn a wealth of information on what they are using to drive sign ups, increase referrals and build launch momentum. It’s a case study in itself and costs nothing.

Learn more about the pledge tiers and Vincent’s story on the campaign page.

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