GTA Online Celebrates 20 Years of GTA With Top-Down Racing Mayhem

GTA Online top down racing

20 years ago, we experienced Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas for the first time. 20 years later Rockstar Games is bringing a little bit of old-school GTA back to San Andreas. Next week’s Tiny Racers update reaches back for the top-down perspective and meshes it with GTA Online racing.

Let’s take a look.

Damn, I haven’t played GTA Online in a long time – but that looks fun as hell! At least the power-ups let us have fun without farming for cash forever or buying it with real money. Rockstar should throw in the camera angle for the entire game.

I thought GTA Online would be good, but I didn’t think it would turn into the money juggernaut it turned into. GTA V remains one of the most played games on all platforms. Hell, 60,000 folks are playing it right now on Steam. And it’s sitting at #3 on the most played games on Xbox (if that chart is right). And if it is, damn Black Ops II is the most played game right now on Xbox One.

The success of GTA Online isn’t without victims. Mainly, a single-player expansion/DLC. And I wouldn’t expect any either. Most folks at Rockstar Games are busy getting Red Dead Redemption 2 ready for its 2017 release. We haven’t heard a peep since last October’s reveal trailer.

Rockstar says it’s coming Fall 2017 on PS4 and Xbox One. Hopefully, we’ll see a little more around E3.

More old-school top-down racing

It wasn’t old-school GTA that first popped into my mind when watching the trailer. It was Super Off-Road. Remember nitro-boosting trucks at the arcade and SNES?

GTA Online top down racing
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