I remember the days when games would just work on day one. GTA V is the latest game to have a day one update. What’s this one for? Some “last tweaks and optimization fixes.”

Rockstar writes in a blog post, “in order to experience the game properly, please make sure you install this Update before playing.” Man, these day one updates are getting ridiculous. There used to be a time when a game going ‘gold’ meant it was done. Not just; ‘Screw it, print the disks. We’ll finish the game later.’

At least GTA V doesn’t need a 15GB patch like Halo: MCC.

Rockstar says they tested GTA V’s online infrastructure “extensively,” but they can’t guarantee a smooth launch.

“We need your continued help, and, maybe, just a little patience if there are any teething problems around the launch on the new systems,” Rockstar said.

“We have, of course, tested the game extensively but there is no way our several hundred testers can be quite as comprehensive as millions of players! Please bear with us should any issues arise–we will be working hard to fix any problems that arise, and generally ensure this launch is as smooth as possible.”

Translation? Given recent game launches, I’ll be shocked if GTA V doesn’t have server issues at launch. I’ll be generous and give GTA V servers a 30% chance of not completely exploding on launch day. And, that’s optimistic. But, who knows? Maybe GTA V will be more like Destiny, which despite the game’s issues had a surprisingly smooth launch.

As for Heists? Not at launch. More than a year later, and still no heists. They better be amazing. The good news is they are still being planned as free content. I guess that’s something at least.

Check out Rockstar’s full post for info on next-gen character creation, first person mode and more.


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