GTA V Rockstar Editor Coming to Xbox One and PS4. 3 Awesome Videos Shows What’s Possible
rockstar editor

Freshen up on your movie making skills. GTA V’s Rockstar Editor is coming to Xbox One and PS4.

When the PC version of GTA V launched in April, one of its exclusive features was the Rockstar Editor. This tool lets you create your own video clips and machinima. Several months later, and the feature is coming to Xbox One and PS4 owners in the next GTA V update.

Rockstar Editor gives you the tools to create pretty much whatever you can think of. Check out the video below to see the suite of tools you can use to create videos.

Folks on PC are already creating fantastic videos. Rockstar regularly holds contests with certain themes. The most recent one was to “show off your luxury spoils.” YouTube user Zilzoza won with this entry.

One of my favorites has to be YEAHMAP’s Leave GTA 5 Music video.

Here’s what’s possible with the Rockstar Editor and Adobe Premiere.

The Rockstar Editor is coming in the next update, but Rockstar didn’t specify on when that will be.

Do you have a favorite Rockstar Editor clip? Share it below and I’ll add it to the post.

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