You’ll Need a Hug Until The Full Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Trailer Hits

Drax and Peter hug

The first sneak peek at Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is here. And we’re ‘Hooked on a Feeling’ again. And I don’t care one bit. I love it.

The crew from the first film all make appearances. Catch the end for baby Groot and Rocket swapping places from the first movie. Rocket was blasting bad guys from Groot’s shoulders in the first film.

Rocket on Groot's shoulders

This go around, Groot is perched on Rocket’s shoulders.

Groot on Rocket's shoulders

Drax gives Peter Quill some tough love and then some real love. Gamora shows she knows her way around a blade. Nebula just doesn’t know how to die. And Yondu is strolling around with Rocket. Is he about to whistle a tune?

James Gunn (the director) jumped on Twitter to say a full trailer is coming soon.

When exactly is “coming soon?” Around November 4th is a good bet. Marvel’s Doctor Strange hits theaters then, and it makes perfect sense to attach the first GotG Vol. 2 trailer to that.

The short tease gave us more spaceship combat. That’s good enough for me. Now, if we can just get Disney to give us a Star Wars movie with a heavier focus on this.

Marvel also dropped the first poster for GotG Vol 2 today, and it’s perfect.

GotG vol 2 poster

Don’t miss baby Groot grabbing Peter’s leg.

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