Killzone shadow fall servers shutting down

Guerrilla Games To Pull The Plug On Killzone: Shadow Fall Servers

Guerrilla Games have always been known for their technical prowess. While the dev studio is best known for Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon: Forbidden West, who can forget their E3 2005 trailer for the first Killzone. 

Yeah, none of it was gameplay despite being described as such at the time – but you can’t deny the hype of old-school E3 trailers.

Fast forward more than 15 years, and the Killzone franchise has unfortunately faded into obscurity. The franchise never quite became the multiplayer force that Sony wanted it to be. It was a decent game but couldn’t compete against Halo and Call of Duty.

Next month, Guerrilla Games is shutting down online servers for several games, including Killzone: Mercenary, Killzone: Shadowfall, and RIGS: Mechanized Combat League.

Sony’s first-party studios have mastered quality single-player games. But man, I do wish they would show some love to the multiplayer side instead of leaning so much on third-party games. Hopefully, that changes with the recent acquisition of Bungie. C’mon Sony, give us another Warhawk.

You’ll have until August 12 to jump on Killzone: Shadow Fall and enjoy those kill chirps before the multiplayer shuts down for good.