Odor-resistant gym clothes and food. “It’s like Christmas in July,” said Frank Culbertson, a top official at Orbital Sciences and former astronaut.

Ok, that’s not all the rocket took up. Besides the above mentioned items, the Antares rocket was packed with 3,000 pounds of cargo. It included science experiments and hardware, spacewalk tools, student research experiments and more than two dozen small satellites designed to take snapshots of Earth.

The oft-delayed launch occurred Sunday afternoon in clear weather. The launch had been delayed for months due to severe weather and other problems.

Even Sunday’s launch had a few issues. The rocket launch requires a clear area for the rocket’s first stage to fall back into the water. On a hot Sunday, that area was filled with boaters.

“The Coast Guard went out to try to turn them around,” Culbertson said. “One of them didn’t want to turn around. I don’t think they believed them.”

The launch went off without a hitch, though. The crew of the ISS will greet their new cargo in three days time. The Cygnus (the capsule on the rocket) will remain with the ISS for about a month. Once the crew gets the cargo offloaded and their trash on, they’ll jettison the capsule which will burn up on re-entry. Check out the launch in the video below.

This week’s resupply is one of about 12 a year that happen on the ISS. Private companies are responsible for getting it up their now with Orbital and SpaceX leading the private charge.

This weekend also saw a major milestone for the International Space Station. Saturday marked the 5,000th day of people continuously living on the ISS. Here’s to thousands more.


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