Talk to me Goose…

The H2O Ninja snorkel mask answers two concerns for those slipping beneath the surface. The first is if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of biting down on the snorkel, or you have a tendency to forget to breathe through your mouth.

Hey, it happens.

Ninja H2O brings a full facemask over the traditional snorkel setup. Slide it over you face, imagine life as a Top Gun pilot and hit the water. It comes in two adjustable sizes – small/medium and large/xlarge.

[ecko_gallery]h2o ninja snorkelGoPro snorkel maskH2O Ninja Masks[/ecko_gallery]

One of the best features is the GoPro edition. No more selfie sticks in the water. Miracles do happen…

Mount a GoPro and record how not-so-graceful you really are in the water. We all dream of the moments where we look like we are gliding through the water. Instead? It’s a mass of air bubbles.

The Ninja H2O mask has two separate editions in a variety of colors. The original retails for $145 while the GoPro edition hits $165. Despite Game of Thrones premiering its season later this month, summer is coming.

Learn more about the features of the Ninja H2O. Below you can check out its brief instructional video.

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