Pirating anything comes with risks. First, it’s illegal. Second, more times than not malware or some other nasty surprise is waiting for you.

Thousands of early Watch Dogs players became unsuspecting bitcoin miners over the past few days. Watch Dogs doesn’t officially release until tomorrow, but like every high-profile game, many gamers can’t wait that long to get their hands on it.

One priate decided to add a little something extra to the Watch Dogs torrent. A hidden Bitcoin miner virus. Anyone playing the game from the torrent will also activate the Bitcoin miner on their PC and start accumulating Bitcoin for whoever added the miner to the torrent.

Running a Bitcoin miner alongside Watch Dogs will consume pretty much all of your PC’s resources. Plus, with Bitcoin prices stabilizing above $500, mining malware has seen a resurgence. You have to hand it to the upstart crypto-currency, it has some resilience.

Maybe this will teach people to stop pirating games in the future. How about let’s support the people who create these experiences.

Watch Dogs hits store shelves tonight at midnight. Early reviews from European game websites are positive. We’ll see what the rest of the press thinks over the next few days. I’ll be picking up my copy tonight and will have a review up later in the week.


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