Hackers found a new target earlier this year at Montana’s public health department. State officials said late yesterday, a server belonging to the Department of Public Health and Human Services was shutdown on May 22 after suspicious activity was detected.

1.3 million people (the figure includes current residents, former residents and the estates of deceased individuals) may have had health care and bank account information exposed following the suspicious activity. So far, no evidence is pointing to anyone’s information being accessed.

“Out of an abundance of caution, we are notifying those whose personal information could have been on the server,” said DPHHS Director Richard Opper.

“Again, we have no reports, nor do we have any evidence that anyone’s information was used in any way, or even accessed.”

What kind of info was stored on the server? Names, addresses, birth dates and SSNs. Other data included health records. Employees and contractors of the Department of Public Health and Human Services had bank account information stored on the server.

What can you do? Well, it appears only state employees have bank account info at risk. For those people, just keep a close eye on bank statements and report anything that looks out of the ordinary.

State officials have taken additional steps to strengthen security on existing servers according to the press release.

Welcome to the internet age. These types of data breaches will only increase in frequency. Be mindful of your bank and credit statements and you should be fine.


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