As Halloween approaches, even the Sun can’t contain its excitement. While last week’s lunar eclipse woke many up early, NASA snapped a shot of the Sun. A slight change to the image and boom, a Jack O’Lantern.

halloween sun

Two wavelengths were blended together in the image above to get the Sun prepped for Halloween. Specifically, wavelengths at 171 and 193 Angstroms.

The bright orange spots peppering the Sun? Those represent intense magnetic fields hovering just above the sun in the corona. 171 Angstroms show’s the sun’s atmosphere, while 193 Angstroms shows the bright, hotter regions of the corona.

NASA released a set of images showing off the sun in varying wavelengths. Check them out below.

335 Angstrom

sun at 335 angstrom

193 Angstrom

sun at 193 angstrom

171 Angstrom

sun at 171 angstrom

304 Angstrom

sun at 304 angstrom

Image credits: NASA/SDO

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