Halo 2’s multiplayer looks so good running at 60fps. IGN first revealed Warlock as the last of six Halo 2: Anniversary maps getting the remastered treatment.

Today, the Xbox team gives us some direct-feed B-roll footage to feast our eyes on. Don’t ruin the experience by watching a YouTube video of it. Download it direct here. At work? Here’s a few GIFS to keep you company until you get home.




Max Hoberman, president of Certain Affinity and multiplayer lead designer for Halo 2, touched on his favorite map.

“Warlock was my pet project due to fond memories of internal Bungie playtests where we had intense, epic shotgun CTF matches,” says Hoberman

“There’s really nothing else quite like this map in the Halo sandbox – a small arena 4-way symmetric base map – and we felt that it would be a great complement to the other re-imagined maps.”

Warlock gets a few touch-ups in the remastered edition. More cover, new jumps and a brand new weapon in the center according to Hoberman.

Warlock joins Ascension, Coagulation, Zanzibar, Sanctuary and Lockout as the remastered Halo 2: Anniversary multiplayer maps. Man, November 11 can’t get here soon enough.


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