It didn’t take long for me to get chills this morning. Several websites and YouTube channels released Halo 5 content this morning. The Xbox team also jumped aboard the content train and dropped the Halo 5 Blue Team opening cinematic.

Man, I love me some Halo music. I’m so glad 343 Industries is going back to Halo’s core for its music.

The trailer also gives us some story hints. A lot has been made about Spartan Locke and Osiris Team’s mission to find Master Chief. In the trailer, Master Chief and Blue Team are still working with UNSC Infinity. Blue Team is tasked with boarding Argent Moon, a derelict Office of Naval Intelligence Research Facility. I’m guessing Master Chief finds something aboard the ship that kicks off the main story of Halo 5: Guardians.

We also get a peek at the Blue Team dynamic in the trailer. Fred wonders if Master Chief is ok. “I haven’t seen Chief press himself like this since we were in boot camp,” says Fred. Kelly’s not worried and tells Fred “he’s fine.” Fred confronts Chief and asks, “you good?” Chief silently nods. The implications here are interesting, and I hope 343 Industries expands on them as the story goes on.

Halo 5: Guardians Fred and Chief

What do you think about Master Chief talking more? We saw it in Halo 4, and it seems like Chief will be even more talkative this go around. One of the reasons Master Chief was badass in previous Halo’s was he rarely talked. And when he did, it was badass lines like “I need a weapon.” Check out some more Master Chief lines from Halo CE through Halo 3 below.

Every line carries weight. But that changes when Chief is talking all the time. I’m not necessarily against Master Chief talking more. And with Blue Team alongside him, it makes sense. I just preferred the strong, silent Master Chief of the previous Halo games. Maybe 343 will change my mind. Hell, I hope they do.

Also, the second season of Hunt The Truth is live. The first episode was released yesterday. Below, I’ve embedded a supercut of the first season in case you missed it.

We are 35 days away from learning why Osiris Team is hunting Master Chief and Blue Team. And I think 343 Industries are going to knock it out of the park. I’ve yet to be disappointed by any footage they have released so far. Now all we need is to see some Forge.

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