UPDATE: Big Team Battle is coming next week along with 48 new REQs.

As a weekend playlist… That’s a start, now how about making these modes permanent. Halo fans picked from three modes to play this weekend. Shotty Snipers returned as one of the options after winning last week’s poll. The other option was Capture The Flag. In the end, Doubles grabbed 64% of the vote with Capture The Flag at 23% and Shotty Snipers at 13%.

“Due to community request, a serious contender will be an option for the next two weeks – Doubles,” writes Quinn DelHoyo, Multiplayer Designer at 343 Industries.

“As a reminder, the most popular playlists have the possibility of becoming a permanent offering in the matchmaking lineup,” DelHoyo adds.

It’s hard to believe a Halo mainstay like Snipers has to earn its own mode. Doubles I can understand since it probably had a low population before. But snipers? No way a mode centered around one of Halo’s best power weapons had trouble finding people to play it.

What’s some other modes you would like to see on weekends? Grifball is high on my list. Some modes outside the typical multiplayer experience would also be cool. Team Swords or Infection would be a nice change of pace from the more traditional modes. Let me know what modes you would like to see in the comments below.

Big Team Battle update is right around the corner

Want your big battle fix without the AI of Warzone? Big Team Battle (BTB) is on the way. On November 6th, 343’s Andy Dudynsky revealed the four maps coming soon (at the time, Dudynsky said they were just over a week away. The update should go live by next week at the latest). I hope you like Forge maps.

The four BTB maps are Forge maps inspired by previous Halo maps and designed with the help of community Forgers.

Deadlock riffs off Standoff and was designed with the help of community Forger Nokyard.

Halo 5 BTB Deadlock

Every Halo fan remembers Valhalla. 343’s Multiplayer team designed Basin and used Valhalla as inspiration.

Halo 5 BTB Basin

The Psycho Duck helped 343 with Guillotine, a Headlong inspired map.

Halo 5 BTB Guillotine

And Recurve. The Fated Fire assisted with this Longbow inspired map.

Halo 5 BTB Recurve

I’m excited for the return of BTB. I just hope these maps don’t look as bad as Orion.

Besides BTB, 343 is also bringing more REQ cards I’ll never get. Seriously, how the hell do I still not have the Scorpion, DMR, Banshee or Mantis certification cards? I have enough Mongoose and Plasma Pistols to equip a whole army.

New armor sets, weapon skins, vehicle variants, emblems and assassinations are coming. 343 teases a few of them in the image below. We should hear a bit more about these REQs sometime this week.

Halo 5 November REQs

Check out the rest of the November update post for more including how 343 is going to tackle the aiming issue some of you have been experiencing.

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