The folks making up the Forge community in Halo are a talented bunch. Too bad the system in place to find their creations is a bit clunky. It’s not hard, but it’s not where it should be. Right now, you need to ‘follow’ the gamertag responsible for creating the map and then view their File Share.

This system is changing for the better in Halo 5’s next update, Anvil’s Legacy. The much-requested Forge Content Browser is almost here. Finding that absurd Flapjack Frenzy mini-game will be easier than ever.

Sounds good, right? It gets even better. 343’s Frank O’Connor was on NeoGAF on Friday and dropped this little nugget while talking about Forge on PC. “Once the custom game browser is available I think the community might get crazy legit,” O’Connor writes.

Hell. Yes. Don’t have enough Halo friends to fill up a custom lobby? You won’t have to use Reddit or some other means anymore. Fire up Halo 5, take a peek through the custom game browser and jump right on in for Forge craziness.

VG247 confirmed the news with 343 Studio Head Josh Holmes. “It’s something we’ve wanted to build for years,” Holmes told VG247 in part. Holmes went on to say they will be release more details as it gets closer to release and calls it “a great addition on both PC and console.”

Yep. The custom game browser will be on PC too. Before this news came out, we only knew Forge tools were coming to Halo 5 on Windows 10. Sure, you could drop in and run around your creation. And even get some friends in there with you. But a custom game browser and Forge content browser turns Halo 5 on Windows 10 into an instant download for me.

Let’s recap what exactly is coming (and not coming) to the PC version of Halo 5.

Forge tools – We’ve known Forge is coming to Halo 5 on Windows 10 since May. That means the entire Forge toolset with mouse/keyboard and 4K resolution support. You can host and play custom matches with up to 16 players on Windows 10. Or, share your creation with the community to play on Xbox One.

Forge content browser – 343 is streamlining the process for finding game modes. And it’s not just for custom maps and game modes. You’ll also be able to share and find new Forge Object Groups. This lets players build an object (such as a building or base) and save it as a group.

Custom game browser – Again, this is all about streamlining the process. Don’t worry about finding 15 other players to play custom games with. It’s all about making it as easy as possible for players to jump in and have fun. No word yet on a specific release date for the custom game browser.

Only Forge and custom maps – This isn’t the full Halo 5 game. That means no single-player. No Warzone maps and game modes. It’s strictly focused on custom games. Still, what we’re getting for free is pretty damn impressive. Especially, when you think about the custom game browser.

Anvil’s Legacy and Halo 5 Forge on Windows 10 are coming on September 8th. We don’t have a definitive release date yet for the custom game browser. For Xbox One fans, you get one new Arena map and one Warzone map. Plus, the usual new REQs.

Nearly one year after the release of Halo 5: Guardians and 343 is still bringing it with the support. This is how you turn Halo back into the powerhouse it once was.

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