The Halo community has spoken. We love sniper rifles. Shotty Snipers was the clear-cut winner for this weekend’s playlist poll. Now through early Monday morning, you can snipe until your hearts’ content. The new playlist includes higher XP rewards and will be playable on all Arena maps (except for Breakout variants).

Surely 343 will quickly institute a Snipers playlist after this weekend. Oh, and Grifball needs to be right behind it.

Shotty Snipers is a great addition, but there’s even better news (at least, for me). Orion is being stripped from all playlists temporarily. Why? It wasn’t because we play it 80% of the time on SWAT and Team Slayer. Nope, map exploits were beginning to crop up. Turns out, you can ground pound outside the map. 343 will fix the map exploits and make “additional improvements,” before placing it back in the map rotation.

The developer is also looking into improving multiplayer spawns on Orion, and all existing maps based on your feedback as well as 343’s internal playtests.

Tweaking the map rotation

Many Halo fans have complained about the map rotation across many playlists. I’ve played Coliseum and Fathom once. Outside of the occasional Regret, it’s been a steady stream of Orion and Plaza for me. Here’s what 343 is doing to fix it.

New additions to Team Arena:

Strongholds on Plaza
Capture the Flag on Empire
Slayer on Regret
Breakout on Altitude

New additions to Slayer:

Slayer on Truth
Slayer on Empire
Slayer on Pegasus

New additions to SWAT:

SWAT on Empire
SWAT on Fathom
SWAT on Coliseum
SWAT on Truth

New additions to Free for All:

FFA on Empire
FFA on Fathom
FFA on Coliseum
FFA on Truth

Who knows why it took this long to get more maps in rotation, but it’s good to see 343 was quick to fix it.

What’s coming over the next month

343 will continue to add playlists during the weekends. It’ll be interesting to see how quickly they decide to add permanent playlists for the more popular ones. Team Snipers (or some variant) is an obvious choice for a permanent playlist.

Forge is still about a month away. Hopefully, we’ll soon hear more about any potential plans to incorporate popular Forge maps into a dedicated playlist.

And Grifball. I know, I know. I never shut up about it. But it was so much damn fun in Halo 3.

What about you? Any particular playlist that’s not on Halo 5 right now that you would like to see soon?

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