Grifball fans. It is our time! 343 has hinted at Grifball for some time. Well, that day is fast approaching. We first heard about Grifball last week, but hey, we can never talk too much about Grifball.

Here’s Max Grossman (multiplayer designer) talking about the ins and outs of Grifball for Halo 5.

Grifball has seen many variations over the last few games and this time, we wanted to make sure we got it right. We called in the leading expert on all things Grifball, Jeffrey “Nokyard” Fischer. We flew Nokyard out to the studio a few months before we started development of the mode to make sure that we understood exactly what is important to Grifballers. We had many design discussions with Nokyard and he even built the first Halo 5 Grifball Court which will be launching alongside the mode this update (it’s unlike any Grifball court you have ever seen before). Nok worked with our Weapons Designer, Daniel Wiksten, on trying to get the damage and impulse blast of the hammer to feel right. This collaboration helped us hammer out (pun intended) the delicate balance of Gravity Hammer vs. Sword vs. Ball that Grifball so heavily relies upon. We leveraged Nokyard’s wealth of Grifball knowledge to try to make the most exciting Grifball yet, complete with thrusting Grif, Ground Pound kills, and ball throwing. Playing Grifball during playtests over the last few months has been some of the most fun we have had in the new building. (Bravo note: I can confirm)

Rocket League and Grifball in the same month!? This is going to be epic.

Grifball fans aren’t the only ones getting some love. An upgraded version of Neutral Bomb Assault is on the way. It’s called ‘Assault,’ and the rules are pretty much what you would expect. A bomb spawns in the middle of the map, and your job is to get to the other team’s base and blow it all to hell.

Ok, but how is this going to work with Halo 5’s gameplay? It was an issue 343 spent a lot of time hammering out. Here’s the gist of what they came up with. Ball carriers get a one hit kill melee and two thrusts. Now that’s an interesting decision, and I like it. At least, on paper. We’ll see once we’re all actually playing, but the ball carrier was always going to some help in Halo 5. The quicker movement dictates it.

The game mode love doesn’t stop there. You’ll also be able to create game modes like Oddball and Ricochet via custom game options. A dedicated playlist would be better, but it’s better than nothing.

Oh, and there’s a new Arena map called Torque. It’s crazy when game mode news trumps a new map, but here we are.

Hammer Storm REQ sneak peak and other tweaks

Can’t get enough of all the armors, special guns, emblems and stances? Here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming in the next update.

Halo 5 hammer storm req

Besides new content and more ways to get us to spend money on REQ packs, 343 is also looking for ways to improve existing features. That includes everything from Forge improvements to the little things, like armor color. Yup, your Spartan is getting an expanded color palette. You’ll be able to choose from 60 colors instead of 32. And the color changes extend to emblems with simple, primary, secondary and tertiary color options.

emblem colors halo 5

Master Chief cruises through Rocket League

Here’s another look at the Warthog coming to Rocket League next week.

Halo warthog rocket league

I told myself I’m double-dipping to play with friends. And, that’s partly true. But c’mon, who could pass up doing insane aerials in a badass Warthog?

That’s all the most recent Halo 5 news. I leave you with a pancake flipping mini game created in Forge. Sounds absurd? It is, and it looks like a blast.

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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