The Halo 5 World Championship is Live. Watch 16 Teams Compete for $2.5 Million

Halo 5 World Championship

Competitive Halo is here in a big way this weekend. The Halo 5 World Championship is live right now with the first matches getting underway. 16 of the best Halo teams are competing for their share of a $2.5 million prize pool. The best Halo team after this weekend walks home with $1 million.

Not a bad payday for a weekend of playing video games. Granted, these teams have been working much longer to get to this point. This weekend’s Halo 5 World Championship is the culmination of several tournaments since the launch of Halo 5: Guardians.

And damn, 343 Industries is making bank on those REQ packs. A small piece of the proceeds go to the overall prize pool.

Today’s coverage has been going on for about an hour, and will last all day until 8 pm PT. The teams will be back at it again tomorrow starting at 9:00 am PT through 9:30 pm PT. And finally, the top teams will face off against each other in the Finals starting at 4:00 pm PT on Sunday.

The top 16 teams come from all around the world. Can non-North American teams like Chosen Squad, Team Immunity, Epsilon eSports, FABe, Team Infused and others hang with the traditionally better North American teams? We’ll find out this weekend.

Here are the teams and how the schedule shakes out today and tomorrow.


Halo 5 World Championship


Halo 5 World Championship main stage Friday schedule

Halo 5 World Championship second stage Friday

Halo 5 World Championship Saturday schedule

You’ll notice there are ‘Main Stage’ and ‘Second Stage’ times. ESL is hosting two Twitch streams this weekend so we can catch all the action. Main Stage matches will go down at While Second Stage matches will be hosted at Or you can watch both at the same time via this MultiTwitch channel.

Haven’t bought Halo 5: Guardians yet? Microsoft is offering the digital editions for 50% off during the Championship weekend. Amazon is also running a promotion for those of you who don’t feel like destroying your data caps this weekend. You can get a physical disc for $40 through the online retailer.

Don’t follow competitive Halo much? You’ll want to tune in during the Finals at least. 343 Industries is going to give us our first look at Warzone Firefight then. We saw the first teaser in the Hammer Storm launch trailer.

Look for more in-depth footage during the Championship Finals on Sunday. Coverage starts at 4 pm PT.

What team are you rooting for at this weekend’s Halo 5 World Championship? I haven’t been following Halo 5 competitive that much, but I’ll be tuning in to see some awesome sniper shots.

Halo 5 World Championship
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