Halo Infinite fragmentation map

The 12v12 mode has been broken since mid-December. Developer 343 Industries thought they had a fix last month, but the connection issues persisted. Fast forward to yesterday, and 343 community manager John Junyszek sounded optimistic on Twitter.

Right now, getting into a Big Team Battle goes one of two ways. You either get lucky and the matchmaking goes smoothly (rarely happens), or you get stuck in an endless queue until it either finally kicks you into a game or you restart. 

Another frustrating part recently is there were still Big Team Battle challenges, and you had to use challenge swaps to get around them. I just checked my challenges for the week, and thankfully, there weren’t any tied to Big Team Battle. 

Like Junyszek, let’s cross our fingers the folks at 343 have a fix today. I still enjoy playing Halo Infinite, but it’s rough around the edges. Connection issues, server desync (super noticeable in Tactical Slayer), cheating, Big Team Battle issues, and more plague the game. 

 Earlier this week, 343’s Joseph Staten took to Twitter to address the lack of updates on their Seasonal roadmap, Co-op, and Forge. What was supposed to come last month is taking a bit longer than expected.

Delays always suck, but hopefully, the extra time means we get a clear view of what’s coming and when it’s coming. I do hope we hear more about new maps soon. We’ve heard rumblings about five unreleased maps on Twitter recently. Maybe the upcoming roadmap will shed some light on these.

Today’s Big Team Battle update will go live at 10 am PT. I’ll update this post later this evening on whether the fix helped or not. 

Image: 343 Industries / Halo Infinite

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