Halo Infinite broken big team battle fix

Halo Infinite’s Broken Big Team Battle Getting Fixed Very Soon


Right after 343 Industries launched new playlists last month, matchmaking issues with the Big Team Battle playlist went from a nuisance to damn near unplayable. At the time, the dev team couldn’t pinpoint the exact problem. Fast forward to yesterday, and 343 has announced they believe they have a fix for the issue.

When is the fix coming? It won’t be this week. 343’s Brian Jarrard touched on what’s happening right now in a forum post.

“This went into QA last week and so far it’s looking positive – we are not seeing this issue occur internally using this build,” writes Jarrard. Next up is the certification process. This is another round of testing to ensure the fixes being implemented don’t have unintended side effects on the retail build.

Jarrard says they “hope it’s not too much further out and we’ll share an update as soon as we have line of sight on a release date (once we clear ‘cert’ we are then ready to ship.”

The 343 team is also working on a patch for mid-February to address cheating and “other things.” A more in-depth info update and a roadmap are in the works to give the community a clear look at what the dev team is working on and when to expect issues to be fixed. 

I’m still having a blast with Halo Infinite, but a lot needs to be fixed/added. Here’s a few I can think of right now: 

  • More playlists
  • Anti-cheat
  • Server d-sync fix
  • Weapon balancing 
  • More accurate spectator mode for tournaments
  • Better store options
  • Tweaks to events
  • More maps

I get this all takes time, but a clear roadmap would go a long way towards easing concerns from the community. 

Not to mention folks want to hear more about when to expect co-op and Forge. 

Halo Infinite has a good foundation, but 343 also has its work cut out for them.

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