You probably don’t need another reason to get pumped for the Halo: Master Chief Collection. 4 games, 100 multiplayer maps. I’ll be struggling to play anything else once Halo: MCC drops.

IGN First has been covering Halo: Master Chief Collection this month as part of their ‘First’ series. Today, they gave us one more reason to be pumped for Halo: MCC. They released some Halo 1 footage in 1080p/60fps. And, it looks amazing.

Sit back and prepare for the memories of 13 years ago to come flooding back.

I can’t even put it into words how pumped I am for the Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Halo 4’s multiplayer may have been a dud, but 343 is giving back to the fans in a big way with Halo: Master Chief Collection. And, we are less than two months away from our first taste of Halo 5. It doesn’t get better than this for Halo fans.

IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey teases more footage is coming this month from the other three campaign and multiplayer modes. Keep a look out over at IGN in the coming days and weeks for those.


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