Halo Spartans In Gears 5 Is What We Always Wanted

The folks at The Coalition just wrapped up giving us a more in-depth look at Horde mode coming to Gears 5. They also announced a little cross-promotion with another big Xbox franchise. Halo Spartans are coming to Gears 5. Specifically, Emile and Kat from Halo: Reach. Why Reach? 343 is getting ready to add that Halo game to the Master Chief Collection.

Let’s take a look.

Ok, for some reason I never thought of Gears and Halo meshing well together – but man do they. And I kinda want a third-person Halo game now. Scratch that, I do want one.

Get ready to see these skins a whole lot in multiplayer.

Horde mode’s reveal from this morning’s showcase looked great. A short trailer gives us a look at abilities for each character including a playable Jack (robot). We know Jack is also playable in the campaign based on the achievement list, but the gameplay shown this morning shows a depth I wasn’t expecting. Jack plays a major support role in Horde. He can heal, repair things, and even hijack enemies and make them fight on your side.

The Coalition also announced new characters will be coming to Horde post-launch with unique abilities of their own. Here’s five more minutes of The Coalition’s Rod Fergusson and Ryan Cleven talking up Horde mode.

Gears 5 is shaping up to be a fantastic entry for the franchise. The multiplayer tech test was shotgun-blasting mayhem, and I loved every second of it. Horde and Escape both look great. Now, all we need to see is a little more from the campaign. And that’s coming later today during the Gamescom Opening Night livestream.