Yeah, I plan on fitting as many Armageddon puns into this as there were Michael Bay cuts in the movie. Nah, that’s impossible. The man drank one too many Mountain Dews before entering the editing room.

Harry’s is the shave club designed to undercut its competitors without sacrificing your face. No viral commercials needed thanks to quality construction and owning the German factory where the blades are created from high-grade steel.

Harry's Bartershop trade-in list

How is Harry’s sticking it to our corporate shaving overlords today? The Harry’s Bartershop. No, it’s not a typo. Bring your overpriced blades to the pop-up shop at 79 Greene Street to barter for shaving gear from Harry’s. No worries on haggling for a better deal, trade in one (or more) traditional blades (Gillette, etc.) and get two (or more) blades from Harry’s.

Have a vibrating handle in your pocket? You can trade in whatever neon-colored handle for one of Harry’s more sophisticated options.

Harry's Bartershop pop-up store

There is a catch. The pop-up store is running from October 20-26th in NYC. Gather your blades and trade them in. You can leave the picture of your grandfather at home.

Harry’s is coming off a new redesign of their handles and blades. Want the trimmer you get from the overpriced competition? You’re covered at less than $2 per cartridge. Or hit the NYC pop-up Bartershop for some relief.

Well played Harry. Well played.

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