Well, at least we can point to the exact time of the decline of civilization. Scrabble has added 40 pages to its dictionary of 100,000 words to score points off of. Selfie made the cut, as did hashtag. See ‘bromance’ lining up nicely for you? It counts according to Scrabble’s official dictionary.

Other words from our new lexicon to make the cut include dubstep, vlog and texter. For those of you wanting to actually score some points, try quinzhee. If you’re wondering what the hell that is, it is a shelter made by hollowing out a pile of snow. Also known as the poor-man’s attempt at an igloo.

Potential points for the snow shelter could hit as high as 401 points if played correctly. You have to play the word off an existing tile so you can use all your tiles, earning the 50-point bingo bonus.

One area that has the diehard Scrabble fans excited is the addition of two-letter words – te, da, gi and po. Other words added to the Scrabble dictionary include buzzkill, jockdom, joypad, qigong, schmutz and sudoku.

What does it take to be included in the Scrabble dictionary? Judging by the addition of selfie, not much. The rules are that the word must be found in a standard dictionary, cannot require capitalization, hyphens or apostrophes and cannot be an abbreviation.

In total, 5,000 words will be added when the new dictionary releases. The North American Scrabble Players Association – yeah, this exists – is praising the move. The current champion, Robin Daniel thinks it will bring in a younger crowd.

“It makes the game more accessible to younger people, which we’re always looking for,” Mr Daniel said to the AP of the update. “All the technology words make it more attractive to them.”

I’d play a game, but I gotta go take a selfie first.


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