Get ready to buy more than a few external hard drives. If you thought RAW image sizes for high megapixels were bordering on the obscene, Hasselblad just had a ‘hold my beer’ moment. Introducing the Hasselblad H6D-400c MS which incorporates multi-shot tech to produce images at a staggering 23200 x 17400. Those zeros are not typos.

The final file is 400 megapixels and takes up 2.4GB of drive space. Obviously, it’s not the camera you pull out for your kid’s birthday party.

Hasselblad’s new camera is its 100-megapixel flagship taking advantage of pixel shift technology the Sony a7rIII employs. Except it doesn’t bother with taming the megapixel count. In the multi-shot mode, the sensor shifts in one-pixel and half-pixel increments for a true 400MP image.

If that’s too rich for you, another four-shot mode stays within the 100-megapixel but with full-color information in each pixel (GRGB). The resulting file size is 579MB, so the camera is not remotely attempting to be economical in terms of file size. Those wanting a 100MP daily shooter can have it in the 400c MS, but it stands to reason you’d buy the 100c from Hasselblad.

Both multi-shot modes are only possible when the subject is completely still. Think product photography.

The 400c MS is available for pre-order and is priced at $47,995. It ships in March, so if you need the Medium format behemoth, you already know. If you have to ask yourself, the answer is no; you don’t need the 400c MS.

Sound off below. What do you think? Personally, it’s too niche, and you’d think with the DJI and Hasselblad partnership, we should see something come of it besides an absurdly priced Matrice setup.

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