HBO Makes us a Godfather Offer We Can’t Refuse
The Godfather Epic airs on HBO

A Godfather fan that doesn’t watch the never-before-seen seven-hour edit can never be a real fan.

Have HBO or HBO Now? You need about 434 minutes of free time. Yeah, seven-and-a-half hours of The Godfather. The Godfather Epic is the chronological edit of the first two films.

If you can’t wait until January 23 when HBO re-airs it, you can destroy your data cap and stream it via HBO Now.

HBO isn’t the first to air the two films cut chronologically. In 1977, NBC struck a deal with Francis Ford Coppola to combine the two films into The Godfather Saga. Being on network TV, the violence was toned down tons of commercial breaks, and it aired over four nights.

The Godfather epic has a seven hour tuntime

Strike one, two and three for anyone trying to enjoy the films. Why did Coppola agree? He needed the money to finish Apocalypse Now. And I can forgive that. Let late 70s NBC executives run some commercials as long as we get Apocalypse Now.

HBO renamed the edit to The Godfather Epic and tossed it on the network. All the goodness of the original two edited together. No swapping DVDs.

The Godfather Edits

Believe it or not, the 434-minute epic isn’t the longest edit of The Godfather out there. The Godfather Trilogy combines all three films into 583 minutes of you have a lot of spare time.

Besides, the first two films were the best. Part III? Stick with the HBO edit. 434 minutes is enough.

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