This isn’t going to endear Bill Cosby to anyone. Not only was he heckled at his show last night in London, Ontario, but he went out of his way to joke about the sexual assault allegations.

According to people in the audience, Cosby told a woman, “you have to be careful about drinking around me.” This was after the woman offered to get him a drink from her front row seat. Someone needs to check on Cosby’s PR rep, that person may have had a heart attack with that insane quip.

The joke seems to be a clear reference to the swirling sexual assault allegations against him. Currently, there are over two dozen allegations spanning the 1960s to 2008. Many of the women highlight the belief he drugged them via a cocktail or coffee. Some of the allegations say that once regaining consciousness, Bill Cosby would tell them they had too much to drink.

In addition to the joke, several hecklers interrupted Cosby throughout his show. In one video, a man yells ‘You’re a rapist!” and Cosby responds, “No, no, stop.” He then urges the audience to quit clapping.

This isn’t the first time Cosby has joked about sexually assaulting women. When the this scandal was first heating up, outlets noticed ‘Spanish Fly’ from his 1969 comedy album, It’s True! It’s True. In the bit he talked about slipping Spanish Fly into the drinks of women.

It should be noted that Cosby and his lawyers continue to deny all the allegations. With the blanket denials should come the realization he probably shouldn’t make light of the situation.


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