College campuses around the country have found their new game- musical beers. And, fans of Chris Hemsworth have his new nickname. Hemsy. Hugh Jackman and Chris Hemsworth both sported mullet wigs in promotion of Jackman’s movie, Chappie.

Rounding out the players were SNL cast members Kate McKinnon, Colin Jost and Bobby Moynihan. Hemsworth was on the show due to him hosting the SNL this weekend. The Avengers marketing is cranking up early.

Playing the music for the musical beers was Questlove, who had some fun. His beats confused the hell out of the players who didn’t know what was going on half the time.

Kate McKinnon was the first to go, with Fallon giving her a send off. “Sorry, Dame Maggie Smith. Goodbye!” Fallon joked.

The next to the loser section was Wolverine. He can take a beating, but is a bit slow when it comes to grabbing a cup of beer. Not only did he lose, but he had to give up the mullet wig. Fallon demanded, “You gotta give me the mullet! That’s the way it works.”

Eventually the game worked down to Chris Hemsworth versus Jimmy Fallon. Of course, it’s the Tonight Show. There were still two beers left. So, a SNL cast member jumped in and grabbed it, and Fallon snatched the last.

Hemsworth? With a new nickname in tow, he tossed the mullet in the center garbage can. Hey, he’s about to open a billion dollar plus movie. I’m sure he doesn’t care about losing musical beers.


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