Here One Earphones are making a splash on the tech scene. Shiny new product? Oh hell yes. But, it’s the speech amplification that piqued my interest. And it’s a shiny new product. No sense in denying that.

Speech amplification brings up a potential stuttering application for the company. Having used the SpeechEasy as a stuttering treatment, the use of choral speech is great in a controlled environment for stutterers. The emphasis being on controlled. Toss it in a loud setting and the device quickly loses any positive effect.

As a stutterer, I have noticed using sound dampening headphones has had a positive effect on my stuttering. Granted, I don’t walk around all day with a pair of headphones on, but the ability to selectively dampen and enhance sounds may prove beneficial to stutterers.

Yes, you won’t be able to make use of the amplification in every setting, but office jobs and a crowded restaurant? Here One may be an accidental tool in a stutterers’ arsenal. Where SpeechEasy was too hemmed in, Here One wants to open your ears to a world of sound.

What sets Here One apart from other options for a stuttering use case? Its multitasking ability. While speech amplification grabbed my attention as a stutterer, the Here One system aims at becoming smart earphones.

Here one earphones features

Here One Earphones

A smartphone for your ears, the $300 pair, is entering pre-orders at the right moment. Apple is determined to kill the audio jack so we will be left with lightning adapters or wireless.

Here One’s vote is you opt for wireless, and the company is building on its Here Active Listening System. The smart earphones from Here One target not only frequencies you don’t want to hear, but it can drill down to individual sounds you want dampened or let through. Perfect for those morning runs when you need ambient noise for situational awareness.

It doesn’t stop with selective noise canceling. Wireless stream audio straight to the earphones without digging your phone out of your pocket. Want to amplify a conversation during a date a trendy restaurant? Done. Or, you can tune the person out and nod. Should’ve swiped left.

Smart noise filters include airplane engines, the annoying co-worker and your ability to rent an apartment next to a fire station. Hey, we’ve all been there.

Remember the days when we made phone calls? Here One has your back with the ability to make calls or send text messages. It syncs with a variety of personal digital assistants, including Siri and Google Now.

It tops off the list of features with the ability to remix live music on the fly. DJ not dropping the bass? There’s an app for that.

Here One Details

It sounds great, but we have to wait until Holiday 2016. Pre-orders are happening now at $300 per pair. It’s your choice between black or white. The white looks sleek as hell, but you can’t go wrong with black.

Look for our review of the system as we get closer to the Holidays. Yeah, 2016 is halfway in the books. Time flies…

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