Strapping 94 iPhones onto your body makes you look suspicious. Who knew?

Customs officials snagged the man below in Hong Kong as he tried to smuggle the iPhones into mainland China.

So, what set off officials that something was amiss? His odd gait and posture were immediate giveaways. But, authorities searched his luggage and found nothing.

Ultimately, it was a metal detector that gave him away.

Here’s what 94 iPhones looked like strapped to a person.

iPhone smuggler

iPhone smuggler

Smugglers have been keeping custom officials busy. According to Metro, 18 smugglers have been caught with 282 iPhones strapped to their bodies over the past month. Man, this guy was going big with his haul.

Why the uptick in iPhone smuggling? Due to taxes, iPhone prices are higher in mainland China compared to Hong Kong and western countries.

Image credits: Chinese Ministry of Public Security

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