Apple hasn’t released a specific launch date for its much-anticipated Apple Watch, but we did get a better idea on a general timetable.

Angela Ahrendts, Apple senior VP of retail and online stores, told employees in video remarks that the watch will launch after the Chinese New Year. That puts the launch sometime after February 19.

9to5Mac received a transcript of the remarks. In it, Ahrendts describes a “marathon” for Apple store workers over the next few months. “We’re going into the holidays, we’ll go into Chinese New Year, and then we’ve got a new watch launch coming in the spring,” reads a part of the transcript on 9to5Mac.

Apple has said the Apple Watch will ship in “early 2015.” Apple’s version of early 2015 isn’t quite lining up with Apple fans. Looks like late February or early March will be the earliest we see the Apple Watch in the wild.

What’s taking so long? Apple wants to put forward their best possible product. And, they need to. They are not first to the punch this time. Getting developer support and solid apps ready for launch are a must for Apple.

Apple’s even looking for an Apple Watch Evangelist. Someone to guide developers and help them make the best possible apps for Apple Watch.

The development of these apps will dictate the release date of the Apple Watch. Apple won’t push the Apple Watch without an extensive array of apps, including heavy third-party support. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Apple Watch didn’t come until April or May. After all, spring doesn’t start until March 20 and stretches into June.

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