Blizzard continues to show its love for the competitive gaming scene. The company is partnering with TeSPA – a network for college competitive gamers to host a college eSports tournament with its latest game, Heroes of the Storm.

$450,000 in tuition and prizes will be awarded to the top four teams of the tournament, Heroes of the Dorm.

You and four friends can sign up today. Open qualifiers will be held online on March 28-29. The top 64 teams will then advance to a single elimination round. After that, the top four teams will compete at the finals with ESPN covering it live.

“College sports do great things for student athletes – they help pay for schooling, build teamwork and communication skills, and create lasting memories,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment. “We believe eSports has the same kind of power, and this tournament aims to bring positive experiences like these to college gamers.”

It might not stack up against college football, but competitive gaming has a large and dedicated following. Major tournaments routinely hit hundreds of thousands of viewers on Twitch.

What about those who don’t have any more tuition to pay? Blizzard has you covered.

“Seniors and grad students with no remaining years of enrollment will receive one year’s worth of tuition to help repay student loans (or an equivalent cash prize if the student does not have any remaining student loans),” Blizzard said. “Each player whose team emerges from the Round of 64 and makes it to the Heroic Four will take home a top-of-the-line gaming PC and officially licensed Heroes of the Storm peripherals and accessories.”

College students across the U.S. and Canada are eligible for the event. You can check out the full tournament rules here.

What is Heroes of the Storm?

Most of you probably already know what Heroes of the Storm is. For the rest of you, it’s a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena). It’s a sub-genre of real-time strategy games and keeps the overhead camera view. Instead of controlling multiple units, you control just one hero.

The MOBA genre has exploded in popularity in recent years. League of Legends is the most popular one with millions playing everyday. DOTA 2 is another extremely popular MOBA and is always the most played game on Steam at any given moment. Right now, 737,000 people are playing DOTA 2. Its peak today was just over 901,000.

Blizzard hopes to tap into this massive player base with Heroes of the Storm.


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