Fresh Kit Kats direct from the Hershey factory? Yeah, that’s not a horrible, yet amazing idea. Need a break? A fresher break? Well, break off a piece of 3.7 pounds of ‘factory-fresh’ Kit Kat Bars.

I knew it would be Americanized. A bag of Kit Kats? Nah, we do things by the pound here. For $28, you can have your bin of snack-sized bars to share with your family.

Yeah, be real Hershey. You know I’m stuffing this under my nightstand.

Funny how Hershey is making it sound like someone is hand making each Kit Kat and putting them in a special bin just for you.

I don’t want to envision the endless manufacturing belts, vats of chocolate and who knows what else. Let me keep the dream.

Summer is approaching, so you’ll want to opt for the ‘COOLSHIP’ for $13. Hershey will “carefully pack your order into an insulated container with a reusable non-toxic liquid ice pack.”

Kit Kat factory fresh from Hershey

That’s rather detailed on shipping, but it beats a jar of melted Kit-Kats. Southern states will need the option, but it’s safer to add the extra $4 for shipping no matter where you live.

You can preorder the fresh Kit Kats today and orders will ship April 18.

Hershey Factory Fresh Candy bars

What’s next? Factory-fresh Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. That’s damn near evil. Then Twizzlers.

That’s the current rollout of the factory-fresh line, but we all know Hershey’s Kisses will be making an appearance. Mini peanut butter cups? Oh yeah.

How about fresh Mr. Goodbars? Good lord…

Prepare to get lost on the Hershey Store. When you wake from the diabetic coma, we will have to agree having 25 pounds of peanut butter cups delivered to our doors is probably not the healthy choice.

But damn if I don’t love having the option.

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