Remember Apple purchasing Beats? The company is reportedly getting set to use the acquisition. Next week, the Worldwide Developers Conference should be the unveiling of Apple’s answer to Spotify and other streamers.

With Apple a bit more than fashionably late, company executives are opening up the company’s bank vault to get you excited. Maybe…

How does a $19 million payday sound Drake? That is the reported figure floating around the Internet for Drake to be a guest DJ for iTunes Radio. He started from the bottom; now he’s working for Apple. Doesn’t have the same flow, but isn’t as annoying as the original either.

Drake as a DJ have you horrified? Apple is also looking to sign Pharrell to get people happy. For the wub wub, David Guetta is being pursued as another artist to offer exclusive content on the yet-unannounced streaming service / iTunes Radio revamp.

It’s not music without the wub wub, right? Right??

Apple Music Streaming Service

We can fake our surprise next week when it’s announced. Here’s the latest information on the service. Like Spotify, Apple will offer unlimited on-demand streaming for $10 per month.

The difference between Apple and Spotify? It will not offer the ability to stream the entire content catalogue via an ad-supported free-tier. Instead, this is where iTunes Radio comes in. It will be revamped and feature guest DJs who host channels and curate the programming.

apple streaming service itunes radio

It’s a salvo from a company wanting to retain its legacy. Apple’s new streaming service will compete with every facet of current consumption. Spotify on streaming, Pandora on Internet radio and traditional stations.

Hey, go big or go home. Besides, Apple has the cash on hand to will it to work. Yes, Spotify has a seven-year lead and 15 million paying customers. It is entrenched and reported $1 billion in revenue last year.

Apple? It has $180 billion in cash reserves. Money may not buy happiness, but I think it can make a music streaming service work.

The company is set to roll out a major advertising campaign, and there are whispers of a free-trial period. Its music app will get an update alongside iOS 9. As for current Beats subscribers? If you can find one, they will eventually be migrated over to the new service, once the bugs are worked out.

Apple and bugs? Say it isn’t so…

What do you think? Can Apple sway you to give up your Spotify subscription? I’m interested, just because of Apple’s legacy with iTunes. The company helped us clean the pile of CDs strewn across the car. Now, can they take it a step further and bring music streaming to the masses?


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