To Hide a Body. Murder Suspect Asks Siri
siri florida murder

Oh Florida, you continually one-up yourself in murder trials. I was born in Homestead, and you’re making yourself look like a band of crazies. Today it’s the murder trial of Christian Aguilar. Pedro Bravo is accused of killing his roommate over jealousy of Aguilar dating Bravo’s ex-girlfriend.

The stupid criminal twist comes from Pedro Bravo allegedly asking Siri ‘I need to hide my roommate’. It gets crazier because the prosecutors are saying that Siri answered with ‘What kind of place are you looking for?’. It then went on to list swamps, reservoirs, metal foundries and dumps. Is there even a metal foundry in Florida?

Both Aguilar and Bravo shared an apartment in Gainesville after graduating from the Doral Academy. It was there that Pedro Bravo and Erika Friman dated for years. After they broke it off, Friman and Aguilar began a relationship.

From that point, Bravo kept a journal, expressing his pain and desire to get back with Friman. Prosecutors pointed to one entry that showed his obsession. “No one will stop me. I will get out of Miami and into Gainesville by January 2013 and I will get her back.” Bravo is suspected of killing Aguilar in September 2012.

Bravo is accused of killing Aguilar outside of Walmart. He allegedly used a cocktail of drugs in a Gatorade to sedate Aguilar. Then he used a belt to strangle him. Police estimate the entire murder took 13 minutes to commit.

Friman admits to hiding her relationship from Bravo, due to her fear that it would send him over the edge. Both of them went to the police station to report him missing. From there, Bravo’s story started to unravel. Initially, he admitted to arguing with Aguilar, but later admitted it became physical. He maintained to officers he last saw his friend alive after dropping him off at a local YMCA.

Police, in addition to finding the Siri evidence, found bloodstains in the car and a cracked windshield from the struggle.

If convicted, Bravo faces life in prison. He has pleaded not guilty, and the gruesome nature of the killing has caused a media stir.

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