Later today (4 pm ET), we will finally what DICE has in store for Battlefield 5. Rumors suggest we are heading back in time to around World War I. It would be a refreshing change of pace from the onslaught of futuristic shooters we keep seeing.

UPDATE: Check out the ‘Community section’ of the Xbox One dashboard. Looks like we are taking a trip back in time. Hell yes!

first Battlefield 5 image

The Battlefield YouTube channel teased today’s reveal with a three-second teaser. Watch someone stare ominously into the sky as something big casts a shadow over him.

Zeplin? Mech? Alternate timelines? Fans are speculating all kinds of crazy things. An alternate reality with some sci-fi elements could be epic. As long as the trademark Battlefield gameplay is there, I’m good. Just don’t even think about adding any crazy ass movement DICE. Please.

In the lead up to today’s reveal, DICE is hosting a ‘History of Battlefield’ livestream.

Not every Battlefield is here. Vietnam and 2142 are notable omissions.

I don’t recall DICE ever doing a livestream like this ahead of a Battlefield reveal. All this does is makes me wish for a ‘Legacy’ game where all the different eras are meshed into one game. Do you want to play Battlefield 1942? Go for it. 2142? It’s there too. It’s all wishful dreaming on my part, but man – what if?

Battlefield 4 ranks up there as one of the best games to hit Xbox One or PS4. Let’s hope Battlefield 5 (or whatever it’s called) can eclipse it.

What are you hoping to see from Battlefield 5? A return to World War II? A jump into the future? Or, stick to the modern setting? Let me know in the comments.

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