The sequel to the fantastic 2016 Hitman is just over a month away. And today, we get a glimpse of another place Agent 47 will visit and dish out quiet justice (or loud, it’s up to you). Today, IO Interactive reveals the second level – the small Colombian village of Santa Fortuna.

The folks working on Hitman 2 won’t keep the action confined to the village. Here’s a description of the level:

The video showcases Santa Fortuna’s exotic, hyper-detailed setting, featuring lush vegetation, unexpected hazards and unique kill opportunities for players to contend with. Located in the heart of a Colombian rainforest, Santa Fortuna poses a new threat for Agent 47 as he must work his way through the native village, intricate caves and ruins, cartel run coca fields and an intensely fortified mansion with armed guards around every corner.

That vegetation is “lush” enough to hide Agent 47 as he slinks around in a bright blue poncho. Kidding aside, the trailer looks great. I do hope there are more environmental ways to take out enemies than just well placed natural gas tanks though. Looks cool, but we also saw similar takedowns in the Miami trailer.

The Colombia mission tasks us with killing three Cartel leaders. And there’s the usual assortment of weapons to get the job done. Sniper rifles, hammers, hell we even see what looks like Agent 47 disguised as a hippo (that last shot seems to show a hippo head and no body). Remember that too; it seems to verify a leak from a few months ago.


When Warner Bros. IO Interactive announced Hitman 2 back at E3, they showed off the Miami level with motorsport race serving as the backdrop. You can find dozens of full mission walkthroughs, but I’ve been trying to avoid pretty much all the trailers outside of the location teasers. I don’t want the entire mission spoiled for me.

Here’s a look at Miami in Hitman 2.

Just like the Colombia trailer, we see Agent 47 dressed as a Flamingo during the outfit montage at the end.

Six locations at launch and a leak about the last four

VG247 spoke to an IO Interactive rep back in July and confirmed there will be six locations at launch. A Reddit leak back in June also shows six locations. I know, I know a Reddit leak… But take a look at this image.

possible hitman 2 level leak

There’s ‘Flamingo’ for Miami and ‘Hippo’ for Colombia. We also see disguises of both in official trailers from IO Interactive. Maybe the leak is legitimate, or maybe it’s a hell of a coincidence. If we assume for a second the leak is real, then the last four locations are:

New Zealand
North Atlantic

Yeah, those last two are vague as hell. I just found the leak interesting especially after seeing ‘Hippo’ lineup with Colombia.

We’ll see if the leak was real or not when the game hits on November 13. Honestly, I’m just ready to play the game. After what IO Interactive did with Hitman 2016, I’m already sold.

Shooters are my jam, but I like to dip into story games from time to time as well. You can reach me at [email protected]

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