Hitman 2’s World of Assassination Lives Up to Its Name


The World of Assassination isn’t just a slick sounding marketing phrase. It’s Io Interactive’s new approach to the Hitman franchise. The folks responsible for crafting Hitman’s Season 1 masterpiece aren’t leaving the old content behind. Every episode of Hitman Season 1 is getting all the improvements coming to Hitman 2.

That means new weapons, better AI, visual improvements, and new game modes. All coming to Hitman Season 1 missions. All playable in Hitman 2.

The franchise’s World of Assassination isn’t just bringing the past forward. “Everything from season 1 onward, will now live under one ever-expanding roof.” And it does sound like more game modes could be coming.

Hitman’s Sniper Assassin mode is also getting more maps.

Ok, this all sounds fantastic – but how exactly will the integration between Hitman Season 1 and Hitman 2 work? For the Hitman diehards who already own Season 1, you’ll get all enhanced missions in Hitman 2 for free. No word on how much it’ll cost you if you’re new to the franchise. And what about Hitman Season 1 being on Xbox Game Pass? It should count as ‘owning’ it.

Hitman Season 1 was one of the biggest surprises this generation. The episodic release wasn’t well received at first, but after the content starting drop – that criticism fell away as fans fell in love with what Io Interactive created. I never finished all the missions, and after today’s news – I’m kinda glad.

I was already pumped about Hitman 2. Now that all of Hitman Season 1 is getting reworked with new features, it’s joining the day 1 list this holiday season for me.

Imagine if Io Interactive brought all the classic Hitman games into the World of Assassination. There’s nothing wrong with dreaming, right?

Hitman 2 is coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on November 13.

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