E3 was epic. Most of us can agree on that. In between the resurrection of old franchises and awesome Star Wars battles, you may have missed the news about Hitman.

Io Interactive is bringing Agent 47 to PS4, Xbox One and PC on December 8th. The big news was Hitman releasing first as a digital download. Why? Because Io Interactive will continuously update Hitman after its December 8th ‘release.’

What does this mean? The developer tried to clear the air with a Q&A on its website.

December 8th is described as the “beginning” of Hitman. The full game will not release on December 8th. Instead, a “sizable chunk of it” will.

In 2016, Io Interactive will release more locations and missions until the story arc is done and finished.

Sounds kind of like early access doesn’t it? The developer doesn’t believe it is. They see early access as meaning “something unfinished or unpolished.”

So… Episodic? Io doesn’t like that word either. It implies they will be selling individual content for individual prices, like DLC. Something Io says they are not doing. The developer does say “there are some episodic elements to the story in the sense that it’s delivered in chunks over time, so experiencing the story will probably feel episodic.”

Hitman 2015

Io’s appears to be heavily focusing on ‘live’ events

Io admits “there isn’t really a term to describe what we’re doing.” Yep. There’s not.

Hitman will cost $60 at launch, but doesn’t include all of the content right away. The $60 does cover all the content; you just won’t play some of it until 2016.

‘Live’ is a word tossed around by the developers often. They want Hitman to be “something that lives, grows and evolves.”

This brings us to another question. Can you play Hitman offline? Io says you can play the locations and missions offline. You will need internet for live events, downloading updates and viewing leaderboards.

The key for Hitman being a success will be knowing exactly what we can play on December 8th. Don’t give us half a game for $60 and then say, “more is coming soon!” That won’t fly. Io needs to spell out how many missions and locations we get on December 8th, and how many we are getting after December 8th.

The only way this system can work is if the developer tells us everything. Io will be at Gamescom next month. And, I’m sure they will be talking more about how they plan to release Hitman and the content coming at launch.


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