HoloLens is back in the news and this time, it features another piece of technology called holoporation. You know the execs at CNN just perked up. Who can forget their ‘holograms’ from the 2008 election?

Ok, so those aren’t technically holograms. Wolf Blitzer and Jessica Yellin couldn’t see each other. They were talking to empty space.

Holoportation takes this to the next level. Combine a new type of 3D capture technology with a mixed reality display (in this case HoloLens) and you get this.

As you can see, each person is surrounded by a series of 3D cameras. These cameras capture that person’s movement and speech as they happen, and projects them into another room where someone wearing HoloLens can see and interact with them.

Microsoft’s Shahram Izadi touches on the uses of this technology before demonstrating it. “Now imagine using this type of capture technology to connect with family members who are thousands of miles away,” says Izadi.

The 3D cameras don’t just capture people. Izadi’s daughter shows off her toys to him during the demonstration. Awesome stuff.

Microsoft holoportation and hololens

Izadi goes on to show off how this technology can also record, showing you a playback of what just happened. And it can be miniaturized to fit onto a table.

Holoportation looks incredible, but when can you use it? That’s a tough question to answer. HoloLens is still in the development stages. In fact, the developer edition of the hardware is shipping next week. Have $3,000 lying around? You can jump onboard Microsoft’s mixed reality train.

Also, that holoportation setup doesn’t look like it’s too living room friendly. It’s impressive looking technology, but it’s not quite ready for consumer versions. Still, can you imagine what kind of tech we’re going to see in 10 years? We didn’t even have iPhones 10 years ago. VR wasn’t even being thought about. Now look at where we are.

Keep an eye out on the Microsoft Build conference. We might see more demonstrations of Microsoft Hololens and holoportation.

Want to watch more about Microsoft HoloLens? Alex Kipman recently gave a 20-minute TED talk on HoloLens.

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