If Horizon Zero Dawn isn’t on your radar, it needs to be. Guerilla Games is stepping away from first-person shooters and is jumping into the action role-playing genre. Most of us saw the impressive E3 trailer depicting a unique take on a post-apocalyptic world.

Yesterday, the team at Guerrilla Games put together video showing how the reveal trailer progressed from storyboards to a breathtaking trailer.

I love these behind the scenes looks we get from a game in development. Halo’s The Sprint seasons are fantastic, and I hope this is just the beginning of something similar with Horizon Zero Dawn. You can see how many of the storyboard scenes directly translate to the trailer. Other scenes see smaller changes.

Learning more about Horizon Zero Dawn

During Paris Game Week, Guerilla Games gave us a more in-depth walkthrough of Horizon Zero Dawn. We see more of the game’s HUD and the RPG-esque background systems such as floating combat text and experience bars.

Mark Norris, Senior Producer at Guerilla Games, is quick to point out the UI isn’t final. But the tribal influences on display will carry over in the final game.

It’s a solid walkthrough that showcases what Guerilla Games is focusing on with Horizon Zero Dawn. It leans a bit more into RPG than I thought from the footage we had seen so far.

Norris promises more Horizon Zero Dawn footage next year. “We’re going to show you something brand new and something huge next year,” says Norris.

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