Netflix, you are treating us too well. By the time we get done with Marco Polo, it will be time for House of Cards. And trust me, bunge watching is not overrated. Everyone mark off February 27. Take off, call in sick, get a babysitter, whatever. That’s the date for season 3 of House of Cards.

Kevin Spacey’s Frank Underwood is back as President Underwood, and knocking his class ring on the desk in the Oval Office. I’ll admit it, I’m a political nerd. I’ve watched Scandal because it’s set in Washington DC.

Netflix gave us a brief 12-second silent teaser to announce the season. Frank Underwood is climbing the steps to a plane to meet his wife Claire, played by Robin Wright. In the backdrop is a presidential limousine, alluding to his newfound power.

The show is actually in the midst of a real-life political debate. It is set in Maryland, which offered tax credits to keep the production in the state. Lawmakers opposed to the tax credits maintain the position the production does not produce long-term economic benefits for the state. Maryland is suffering from a $600 million shortfall.

Well, you could forgo state legislator salaries, seeing as voters will agree they haven’t produced any long-term economic benefit. Hence the shortfall.

For season three, House of Cards will be all President Underwood. We left with his chief of staff dead in the forest, Underwood getting away with murder and just him generally being an evil bastard.

Spacey spoke to the AP in 2013 about the shift to Internet TV. “For storytellers who want to tell stories that are driven by character and not by explosions and things that only, in a sense, appeal to the heartbeat or the pulse and not the mind, then it makes sense to me that the best writers and directors and actors and storytellers are going to go to the ground where it is fertile,” he said. “It’s very fertile now, obviously. The streaming business is fertile, and the television business in its usual sense.”

Am I pumped? You know it. It’s hard to find a service that is firing on all cylinders like Netflix.

February 27 is on a Friday, so make it a three-day weekend.


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