First things first. Rainbow Six: Siege is quickly becoming my favorite shooter this year. Do you miss the early days of Xbox 360 when Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six were the top shooters? Rainbow Six: Siege scratches the tactical itch.

Ubisoft is releasing a sizable update today with a host of fixes for Rainbow Six: Siege. One area the developers have been looking into is team killing. This includes intentional hostage killing. How bad is it? When Siege launched the percentage of matches with team killing sat at 0.9%. Now? It sits at 1.8%. Nowhere near the high of 7.8% during the beta, but “we still believe that this is an issue,” says Ubisoft.

The fix? An auto-kick feature for intentional team killers. The developer set several parameters that will kick someone who is team killing.

The fix brings its own issues. How do you decide what is an intentional team kill and what isn’t? My buddy shot me right in the face through a wall last night. Should he be kicked? Nope. The dumbass who blasts the hostage at the beginning of the round? Yeah, kick him. Ubisoft will adjust the parameters for auto-kicking as needed to find the sweet spot.

I say just kick anyone that team kills within the first 30 seconds of a match. Griefers aren’t a patient bunch.

The rest of the update

I’m going to cover some of the major fixes and additions below. Check out this forum post to read the full patch notes for Update 1.1.

Ultra-HD texture pack – Man, I wish all my friends had good gaming PCs. The Ultra-HD texture pack brings upgraded textures to characters and weapons. Those of you with 4K monitors? Siege will look even better. Everyone else should also notice better textures.

Syncing the HUD of Casual/Ranked playlists – Settings between the Casual and Ranked playlists will now be nearly identical. Here are the settings.

rainbow six siege settings

The only differences center around Kill Cam and Spawn Vote. Kill Cam is disabled in Ranked and Spawn Vote is only enabled on Ranked. Ubisoft is also working on a dedicated Hardcore playlist that will offer a more ‘realistic’ experience.

Nearly identical settings between Casual and Ranked is a smart move at the end of the day. Ubisoft explains their reasoning for the changes.

We are convinced that Casual and Ranked experiences should be as close and consistent as possible. Players of Casual matches should feel welcome to try a more ‘competitive’ playlist and get a rating for their performances, without having to re-learn or re-adapt to new settings. Similarly, Ranked players should feel compelled to launch in Casual, either to play without ‘ladder anxiety’ or just to try out a new strategy or Operator.

It’s hard to argue with that. Plus, the Hardcore playlist is coming for those who want to play more realistic matches.

Bug fixes

Tired of getting randomly stuck? That’s just one of many bugs getting squashed in today’s update. Here are some more.

Gameplay Fixes

– Fixed a bug in which the Defenders could exit the building using a deployable shield during Preparation Phase. This was considered an exploit.
– Resolved an issue where bullet impacts would not be registered.
– Fixed a bug where White Masks would take no damage when getting shot in the abdomen.
– Tagging Attackers through the security cameras now properly identify Operator in the HUD.
– Fixed a bug where the user could not switch cameras during the prep phase when his/her drone got destroyed.
– Fixed a bug where the player could get stuck.
– Fixed a bug where the camera would get turned upside down after rappelling.
– Fixed a bug where the player got stuck after using the rappel feature.
– Opening uPlay overlay now pauses the Situations’ Cinematics.

Level Design Fixes

– Fixed a problem where the drone would fall through the map at the start of the preparation phase.
– Fixed different bugs in which drones could fall off the map or teleport to random locations when thrown.
– Fixed an issue where Twitch’s shock drone would fall through the map when launched from a prone position, backed up against a wall.

Hit registration improvements

Server tick rate is one of the improvements. With the goal of improving positioning and shooting replication, we will be deploying a first update on PC in which the player position update rate is set to 60 times per second (vs. the previous 30).

Here are a few more fixes coming.

– Fixed: Pawn rotation latency: the difference between a player’s action, the server’s perception and another player seeing said action had an extra delay due to a bug. This had even more impact on shield wielding Operators since sometimes players using those would think they were protected while they were not because of the additional delay caused by the pawn rotation bug.

– Fixed: Shield positioning while rappelling: certain shield angles were not being replicated properly, this caused the shield wielding player to be overprotected in certain cases. This caused hit detection issues for the player shooting at the shield wielding player.

– Fixed: Shooting and moving while rappelling: when moving and shooting while in rappel, the hits were sometimes not registered properly by the server.

– Improved: Kill cam replication issues: the kill cam was not displaying an accurate representation of hit positions. The point of view seen after death was not the exact point of view of the killer. Moreover, we have instances in which the kill cam shows body parts sticking through walls while they actually weren’t being seen from the killer’s perspective. This has been improved for the next title update, but we still need additional work on this. It is still considered under development.

The developers promise to continue improving hit registration in future updates.


It’s a solid update. I’m surprised auto shotguns made it unscathed. What do you think? Any bugs Ubisoft missed?

When I’m not playing Rocket League (best game ever), you can find me writing about all things games, space and more. You can reach me at alex@newsledge.com

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