Warzone 2 buy station changes

How Warzone 2 Buy Stations Are Changing In Season 3

More and safer. Those are the key takeaways for how Buy Stations are changing with this week’s big Season 3 patch for Warzone 2. 

In the lead-up to Season 3’s launch, the devs have been expanding on all the new stuff and changes coming to Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2. One-shot snipers are back, and Ground War continues to get some love. In the most recent post, the devs touched on one of the changes coming to Buy Stations in Al Mazrah and Ashika Island.

“There will be a change to Buy Station locations that puts them in safer spots, such as indoor locations or places with nearby cover.” 

I imagine internal data and community feedback showed how often ambushes were set around Buy Stations since most are in exposed locations. Shifting some Buy Station locations indoors should help here. Plus, you’ll still need to be out in the open to call in a loadout drop. 

Buy Stations are also going mobile with a Deployable Buy Station. This feature won’t be coming at launch and has been labeled “In-Season.” The devs have confirmed this feature will come as part of a mid-season update usually called ‘Reloaded.’

The Deployable Buy Station will have “limited stock” as the devs strive to balance the new addition. Still, it’ll be handy if you need custom weapons but aren’t near a regular Buy Station. Or you want to grab a killstreak or smoke during the last few circles without leaving your current location.

These are some solid quality-of-life changes. Nothing groundbreaking from a gameplay perspective, but decent enough changes to make the gameplay flow a little smoother. 

Season 3 for Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 launches tomorrow (April 12). The Buy Station changes to safer locations go live at launch, but we’ll be waiting until the mid-season update for the Deployable Buy Station.