How We Play The Division Might Surprise You
The Division character

Do you play The Division with friends? Or, are you tackling the Dark Zone on your own? You may or may not play like the majority of The Division players. Ubisoft released an infographic today highlighting stats from the first month of the game’s releases.

We’ve killed 17,258,683,433 enemies. I’ll admit to a couple of dozen Bullet King kills are mine. But, we aren’t all heartless killing machines. 250 million civilians have been helped. But did any of them drop anything good? Ubisoft didn’t answer that one.

As for jumping jacks? Manhattan is full of a bunch of folks in shape. We’ve done 150 million jumping jacks and counting. The most popular weapon? Classic AK-47. I wish Ubisoft would give us the same stat, but for only level 30s. It’s probably a Vector, but it would be interesting to see how end-game weapon usage breaks down.

The Division stats

Co-op or solo?

How we play games is always an interesting stat. The Division, and other similar games, lend themselves to co-op. After all, nearly all of the end-game activities are designed to be played with other people.

But, the average playtime tells a different story. Players lean towards playing solo at 57.2% versus co-op at 42.8%. Does that match your play style? I rarely jump on The Division unless my friends are playing. And I damn sure don’t jump in the Dark Zone without at least one other person.

Are you surprised by these numbers? I am. The Division is the kind of game best played with friends. And if you enter the Dark Zone solo? Man, I feel bad for you. I think my three friends and I might have killed a few of you last night.

It’ll be interesting to see how Ubisoft Massive responds to these numbers in future updates. You have to think a separate Dark Zone bracket for just solo players is on the table. I know I would be thinking about it after seeing how The Division fan base plays the game.

If you want to see a more personal look at your stats, check out Division Tracker. You can see how many Rogue Players you’ve killed, items extracted, skill kills and more. Here are mine.

My The Division stats

Ubisoft Massive also released a new trailer highlighting what’s coming in tomorrow’s Incursions update.

I’ll be posting my impressions of Incursions later this week. Hopefully, it’s more than me just describing all the times I died.

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