Style over substance. That’s the hope of HP with their new HP Pavilion All-in-One PCs. It’s a departure for HP, who hasn’t exactly been known for the stylish PCs. The upcoming additions hope to change that and edge into Apple’s and Microsoft’s territory. And from a style point of view, they got it.

You can’t deny the machines are nice to look at, especially with the edge-to-edge 1080p touchscreens and slimmer designs (each model gets as thin as .33 inches). It seems every manufacturer is a fan of adding fabric and HP is no different. The Bang and Olufsen integrated speakers are covered in fabric, adding a touch of luxe to the new AIOs.

HP Pavilion Tech Specs

Here’s where the style ends. While you do get the option of a 7th generation Intel chips, you are capped at 16GB of RAM. Those wanting a gaming PC need to look elsewhere. No GTX1080s here. The GPU offered is the AMD 530 series, normally reserved for laptops.

Storage offerings include SSDs, but HP missed an opportunity here to one-up the Surface. That was another style over power system. With it being months removed since its release, it would have been nice to see HP go all in like they do with their Omen lineup. Not everyone wants a gaming or VR beast to look like a gaming PC. They prefer the style and hardware.

Other features include a privacy-focused webcam that slides out of sight when not in use. There is an option for a 27-inch 4K model, but pricing hasn’t been released.

All we know on pricing is it starts at $750. Not a lot to go on, but safe to safe it’ll be cheaper than a decked out iMac. Hell, what isn’t? Release date hints early Fall because this screams one hell of a dorm room addition. Head over to HP to learn more. Hopefully, the next generation includes a lot more power.

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