Ever have a day where you want to have 80 tabs open in your web browser, 60 in Photoshop and rendering a few 4K videos? HP’s Enterprise division feels our pain and is introducing the latest Z workstation lineup – the Z4, Z6 and Z8.

HP Z8 Specs

Let’s talk about the power dimmer and office space heater, the Z8, first. It is a spec monster. Inside, you’ll find 24 slots for RAM which allows for up to 3TB – that’s terabytes, not gigabytes, of memory. Most of us geek out if we can fit 64GB of RAM into a machine. The Z8 top line number equals the amount of external storage devices I own.

What about storage in what the HP calls ‘the world’s most powerful workstation?’ There’s room for 48TB of storage. That means you can store your entire photo library on the computer and not have the stacks of external hard drives littering your home office.

HP Z8 Workstation slots

Processing power is handled dual Xeon CPUs with up to 56 cores, and graphics get a nice assist for the dual Nvidia Quadro Pro graphics cards. Additional specs include Thunderbolt 3 (optional) dual 1GbE ports for data transfer. USB-C, a 1700W power supply and 9 PCIe slots.

Price? It starts (heavy emphasis on starts) at $2439. To get the specs described above, the total quickly jumps thousands of dollars. It will start shipping in October. It’ll keep you toasty warm in time for winter.

Z6 and Z4

Checking account recoiling back in horror? There will be ‘cheaper’ options in the Z6 and Z4. The Z6 caps the memory at 384GB with the dual Xeon CPU. Pricing for the Z6 starts at $1,919 and arrives in October alongside the Z8.

Need something a bit tamer? The Z4 arrives in November and will offer a RAM cap of 256GB and a single Xeon CPU. Price? Starts at $1249.

No word if these monsters can run Crysis, but we shall hold out hope. HP, give us some marketing goodness:

Yep, I want one.

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