HTC has a big event planned for October 8. Following in the footsteps of Apple, it is planning to release details on multiple devices. The major buzz is that it is going after the action camera market that GoPro currently has on lock.

It is hard to imagine HTC dethroning GoPro. Sure, it might have a compelling product, but HTC isn’t exactly know for making waves when it comes to market share. The rumor is that a rugged camera will be unveiled that will directly connect with HTC smartphones.

Features that are still deep in the rumor stage include a 16MP sensor, Bluetooth capability and a wide angle lens. While it sounds interesting, it almost sounds like the Sony QX line of lenses. Those are the lens-style cameras that use smartphones as the viewfinder and control.

One area of concern if HTC is in fact going after GoPro, is that this camera sounds awfully like the accessory path of the Apple Watch. Will you need your phone near you for this to work? Is there onboard storage? GoPro is successful because it is rugged and standalone. Most take it out on adventure sports without their phones. One less piece of gear you have to worry about damaging.

If you have to pair the camera with a phone as a viewfinder and control, it automatically dumps it out the vertical that GoPro dominates. Slapping a GoPro on your kayak will be a lot simpler than controlling a quasi-lens camera via your phone.

It’s all rumors for now, but tune in October 8 to see what HTC is bringing to the table. They could be setting it up to push the action camera vertical forward instead of an also-ran.


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